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Surgical glue use at insertion

I went to a study day yesterday where it was mentioned that some people are trying surgical glue around the exit site to “reduce bleeding”. Well that probably wont happen as you have to ensure the site is dry before you apply the surgical glue!! My background is theatres and we used gallons of the stuff for wound edges. However the arm with the line also shouldnt be moved much or the glue can crack. Also the glue will flake off after 10 days or so. Maybe being tried to reduce infections?? Is any body else trying the use of surgical glue for their line insertions???
(The cheapest one I have found is Dermacare at £4.27 for those are trying this product on supply chain) Not sure this will take off.

In: dressings, Posted 3 years ago

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The use of surgical glue to aid PICC security is well established. Now that PICCs are placed higher on the upper arm I would suggest that movement and ‘cracking’ of the glue would be less of a problem. You may also want to read how the use of surgical glue has assisted with the reduction of peripheral IV failure

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