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Should I aspirate blood prior to flushing?

Is it best practice to aspirate prior to flushing any type of cannula? If so, how much blood and do you discard this and then flush using a clean syringe?

In: flushing, Posted 4 years ago

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2 Answers

Answer #1

To the best of my knowledge, Peripheral IV lines should not aspirated. The debate is still out there on whether aspiration is necessary for CVADs.

Answers Answered By: Evesham71 Level Rating1 points
Answer #2

Yes, always!! The question asked should be: “how do you determine patency of Peripheral IV’s or CVC’s”.
Infusion Nurses Society- Standard 40-Flushing & Locking-date Jan/Feb 2016
40.1 “Vascular access devices (VAD’s) are flushed and aspirated for a blood return prior to each infusion to assess catheter function and prevent complications.”

Answers Answered By: JudithBurnham Level Rating1 points

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