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CT techs accessing implanted ports

My hospital is pushing for CT techs to access implanted ports, as a nurse I am not comfortable with the idea. Does anyone work in a hospital that allows this practice? If so, what is your process?

In: general, Posted 5 years ago

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3 Answers

Answer #1

I am sorry that I cannot comment specifically on the port question. However, you may find my comments re PICCs useful. My clinical experience (UK) is with radiographers in CT departments accessing CT rated PICCs. They are a highly educated professional group who have received the appropriate accessing PICC training and continue to maintain experience on a regular basis.

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Answer #2

I agree with the above answer. Our CT techs are all qualified radiographers and have extended their role to include accessing other VAD. Some prefer not to access ports due to lack of numbers to maintain their competence but not due to their ability.

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Answer #3

At this time our CT techs do not directly access ports or other CVC’s.
The CT techs are highly educated & licensed individuals. As long as they have had adequate VAD training & are deemed competent, they should be allowed to access VAD’s.

Answers Answered By: JudithBurnham Level Rating1 points

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