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Concern re gauge of blunt fill needles

I have been taught that we should draw up IV medicines with a narrow gauge needle (23g) to reduce the risk of coring. We now have blunt fill needles to reduce needlestick injuries but I see that these are wide bore needles. I know we could use the blunt filter needles to manage this but these are more expensive so we are encouraged to only use filter needles for glass ampoules as the risk of particles is apparently higher with these. But I am concerned that there is a risk of coring when drawing up through a rubber bung with a fill needle.
What do others do?

In: education, Posted 2 years ago

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I asked the same question about the potential for coring when using blunt fill needles. I was told by a company representative that the blunt fill needles are designed not to core the rubber. We happily use the blunt fill needles for rubber stoppers and the blunt filter needles for glass. It must be close to a year since we started widespread use. No evidence of problems… and I would have been informed!

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