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Basis for a I.V. Team

I am a RN traying to create an IV Team in Granada, Spain and nedd to convince the Hospital Staff about the convinience of it but I am not able to find the basis it was created with.
I do appreciate any help in this matter
Thanks in advance

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Surely one of the first things you need to do is audit infections, re cannulation rates and failures. Then look at costings per cannula and how many staff you have who are good at cannulation. There are plenty of articles in this site to help you with forming one its just proving you need one with raw data!! Good luck. use the uk as a moot point showing how we save money and have reduced infections throughout most trusts.

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Answer #2

Counting is good. I would also add that I have found the team approach beneficial to patients, staff and the organisation as a whole. When you count, outcomes must demonstrate the impact on these three groups. You must also have ready your response to the standard question ‘will a team de-skill the existing workforce’. My answer was to produce a team that a) provided clinical care at the greatest point of need, b) was responsive and timely, c) diplomatically dealt with knowledge awareness across the whole workforce and d) emphasised that the team would teach and promote best practice standards throughout the organisation.

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Answer #3

This paper written by Debbie Bolton of UK might help you. It definitely helped my case. Good luck!

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Great advice, IVTeam!

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Answer #5

I wrote a very small article (heavily edited by the journal)… not a match on Debbie’s article… but parts may be useful.

Jackson, A. (2007) Development of a trust-wide vascular access team. Nursing Times. 103(44), p.28-29.


This article explains how a dedicated organisation-wide vascular access team was developed at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, a single-site district general hospital trust serving a population of just under 250,000. It outlines the aims of the project and improvements in clinical standards as a result of setting up the vascular access team. It also identifies areas for future improvements.

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Answer #6

My literature search skill is very poor. 🙁

Why haven’t I read “Jackson, A. (2007) Development of a trust-wide vascular access team. Nursing Times. 103(44), p.28-29.” before? A very well written and considered article indeed! Another ammunition to use.

Thank you very much, Mr. A. J.

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