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ANTT guidelines for Peripheral IV insertion

I am desperate for help.
My hospital is reviewing the cannulation policy. Although I am considered
the expert in cannulation and teach cannulation I am being railroaded into
the policy being updated to refer solely to ANTT PIV insertion guidelines.
I see the guidelines as fundamentally flawed.
Up until step 9 is clear and I have no issue.
After that things go awry in my humble opinion.
The tourniquet gets put on before gloves and before cleaning the skin – how
this can be done in less than 2 min before inserting the cannula so as not
to cause a haematoma I do not know! After the insertion there is no mention
of releasing the tourniquet at flashback to also reduce the risk of
haematoma / pain.
I am very much in favour of the ANTT philosophy but the insertion guidelines
just do not seem correct.
Am I the only person to have critiqued the ANTT insertion guidelines? It
appears that every UK trust uses these as its policy!!
Your comments would be really appreciated

In: education, Posted 4 years ago

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